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Why Zoho Analytics?...

Unified Business Analytics

Helps unify organizational data with pre-built integrations across business applications. And to get insights from reports blending across business functions.

Ease of Use

Offers an intuitive drag & drop interface. Augmented with AI and ML capabilities such as conversational analytics, automated insights, predictive and cognitive analytics.

Flexible Deployment Options

Our proprietary Zoho cloud service is readily available round-the-clock. Alternatively you can go for either public cloud or on-premise environments.

High Scale, Extensible Platform

Comes with a robust set of APIs that enables elaborate customization and highly extensible low-code/no-code integration with any technology stack.


Our pricing policies are simple and transparent. Our cost in terms of licensing, customization, training and support is the least among market peers.

Security and Governance

Our time-tested and accredited enterprise-grade security features and governance framework ensures continuous data management and stewardship.

Our skilled Zoho professionals at Spark ITX can help you with consulting, customization, integration, implementation, training, and support for Zoho Analytics. To find out how we can assist you with your Zoho Analytics, get in touch with us right away.

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